Four Places to find Well Paid Work as a Writer

If you’re fed up of working for peanuts and struggling to find well paid work as a writer, you’re not on your own.

One of the biggest challenges to those who are starting their freelance writing business is getting paid well for work done. If you’re looking for some places to get writing jobs that are well paid and worth your time, this post shows you four places to look.

1. Problogger Job Board

If you’ve been blogging for a while you may have heard or come across Problogger. It’s a leading website and authority on all things blogging and was founded by Darren Rowse. He’s somewhat of a guru on the topic.

Problogger is a great place to find some quality jobs as it’s a serious site and advertisers have to pay to list their jobs in the first place.

So let’s have a look at some of the jobs listed.

In the column on the left it shows jobs, and in the next column, where the location of the job is. Most of these are freelance and can be work from home or anywhere in the world, but some are on location.

The niches on Problogger jobs are very varied. You may see writing jobs for topics like home and garden, nonfiction book writers or freelance content copywriters. If you do find a job you like, apply online using the button. Some jobs will have specific application forms where you need to show examples of your work.

Problogger is a great website to get writing gigs. The jobs are higher quality, most of which offer you a fair wage for your work.

2. People Per Hour

People Per Hour is a freelance marketplace, where you can pick up some quality freelance writing jobs. I wouldn’t usually recommend freelance marketplaces like these, but on People Per Hour the quality of the jobs is significantly higher than on a lot of other freelance marketplace websites and it can be a really good place to pick up some high paying gigs.

To get started on People Per Hour, you need to create an account and write a profile that details your experience and showcases your previous work.

The easiest way to find a job is to click on search, and then find the tab that says ‘search projects to quote on’. This brings up a variety of jobs in many niches, which you can then refine.

From the screen grab, you can see a list of jobs. At the side, there are some figures that show the payment for work completed. Some of the jobs are for fixed prices while for others you can set your own fee.

One example of a job on People per Hour might be for a blogger to write articles for entry level rates. One such example offered a fixed rate of forty dollars for articles of 600-800 words, about home improvement topics, plumbing, food and DIY.

However, there is a downside to People Per Hour, and that is they take a whopping 20% cut of your fee to begin with until you’ve earned over five hundred pounds with one employer.

This is quite steep to begin with, especially for entry level rates, however after you’ve earned your first 500 pounds with one employer, their cut does drop to 8 or 3%, depending on how much more you go on to earn with that one employer.

Another important thing to note when using People Per Hour is the user rating that the employer has, and this is shown underneath their name. Look for employers who have already hired freelancers on People Per Hour, and have a positive user rating.

To sum up, People Per Hour can be a great place if you want to pick up some work quickly.

I’ve had positive experiences of using People Per Hour and it is well worth a daily or twice-weekly check to see what new jobs have been added.

3. Who Pays Writers

Who Pays Writers is a website that lists lots of different publications, and where people can report their earnings after writing for these publications. People also report things like how long it took to receive payment and how they made their pitch.

On the right of this image, there is a list of publications in alphabetical order. Or, if you have a specific publication in mind you can search for it.

Here is one example to look up: Almost Fearless.

People have recorded their experiences of writing for Almost Fearless. The entry at the top of the page is showing that the person did not have a great experience working with this publication. However the second entry shows that the person was paid 25 cents per word for a piece of writing.

Being able to read other people’s reviews helps you make up your own mind whether it’s a publication that you would like to pitch to or not. The joy of this site is that you get unbiased reviews to help you decide whether a publication is worthwhile pitching to.

One of the main problems of using this website is that unless you know what a specific publication is about, then it can be difficult to find ones that are in your niche. You have to look through this long list of publications and it’s not always obvious from the titles what the niche of the publication is about, so you end up having to spend a lot of time trawling through the different links to find out, before you can make a decision as to whether you want to pitch. 

However there is a benefit of having such a long list of publications, and that is you’re likely to find places to pitch to that you wouldn’t have thought of, or didn’t even know existed. So this website can be a great resource.

4. LinkedIn

If you’ve heard of LinkedIn but haven’t joined, you need to get yourself an account because it is a great place to pick up freelance work.

LinkedIn is a kind of social network site but it is focused on professional networking and employment. If you already have a LinkedIn account, great! You can click on the job search option.

I usually search for ‘freelance writer’, as I look for work I can do at home.

LinkedIn can bring you a great source of work that you won’t see advertised anywhere else and it’s also a great tool for building your professional network.

These websites are great for finding well paid writing work, so are work checking out if you are looking for new clients.

A writer’s life can be tough sometimes. But writing is a skill that deserves the best payments for time spent working. If you agree, join the mailing list, check out the courses page, and begin earning more as a freelance writer.

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