Exercise Desks – Yes, you can work and burn calories at the same time!

Exercising at your desk. A great solution to the problems caused by a sedentary lifestyle, something that many of us who work at desk all day can’t help but have.

As a writer, most of my day is spent sat on my arse with a laptop. I have tried standing up with my laptop on a table, but I find standing just makes my back ache.

But can you actually exercise at your desk?

The good news is that there is a host of new desk exercise equipment on the market, and whether it is the latest fitness fad, or something here to stay, I can’t help but get excited!

Check this out…

Exercise Bike Desks

It looks crazy, but it looks like fun. It’s the Beliwin Exercise Bike Desk – a fully adjustable desk and exercise bike.

I want this in my life!

Beliwin Desk Exercise Bike
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I can imagine getting into a peddling rhythm as I type. Surely, this has to be better for the body than sitting at a desk (or armchair) while you write!

Maybe, the exercise may also boost your creativity. I totally have to give this a go!

Stand by for a review on this! This desk exercise bike is on my wish list. Yes, I might look like a hamster on a wheel, but I don’t care.

Another option for a desk exercise bike is one with out the seat, where you just put it under your regular desk.

desk exercise bike
Desk Cycle Exercise Bike
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One of the benefits of this desk exercise bike is the you can move it around to get the ideal peddling position. But, unless you have an adjustable height desk, be careful. You don’t want to be banging your knees!

Treadmill Exercise Desk

Another exercise desk gadget that looks great is a treadmill. I love running, and I go to the gym just to use the treadmill. I don’t expect to be running while writing, but a leisurely walking pace might work well.

The only downside to a desk treadmill is that they are more expensive than desk exercise bikes.

The Sportstech Deskfit  is a simple treadmill without the bulk. You can slide an adjustable height standing desk over it and tap away as you walk. Over the course of an hour, you can expect to burn around 200 calories.

Sportstech Deskfit treadmill
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Exercise desks have got me really excited. As someone who has to make an effort to be more active, the idea of being able to work and move at the same time has won me over.

Why Desk Exercise is a Great Idea

My lifestyle is one where, like many other writers, I sit for long periods. Then to make up for it, I’ll go to the gym twice per week and run 5 kilometres each time. I also take a short walk every day too. I need the activity, because if I don’t do something I get low in mood and have pent up energy.

But something doesn’t feel quite right about it – it’s kind of an ‘all or nothing’ activity level that doesn’t do me any favour overall. What I need, is more activity on an hourly basis, rather than a weekly basis.

Standing Desks and Balance Boards

How are you at standing for long periods? For me, it does’t work. I get achy and irritable, and find it hard to work.

Standing desks have become increasingly popular, and offices up and down the country are seeing more workers standing up at a computer. For some, this is great. But what about those who find standing up for hours a pain?

Balance boards are designed to help you move around while standing, engaging different muscle than if you were on the ground.

Here’s an example of a desk balance board.

Office Fitness Balance Board – Check for latest price on Amazon

Standing on a balance board, sometimes called wobble board, can target the muscles that work your core and stability. It also helps tone the muscles in the calves and ankles.

Sitting at you desk means little movement and energy burn. When you stand on a balance board, you can triple the rate at which you burn calories.

Hidden Benefits of Exercising at your Desk

Being able to exercise, albeit gently, while I work has me intrigued. Maybe it could stop feelings of procrastination about getting stuck into writing jobs that I’m not in the mood for.

Perhaps it could increase my output, or get rid of that stuck feeling of writer’s block. That fact that one is consistently moving could drive forward the momentum of writing.

Or, what if it is like trying to rub your belly and pat your head at the same time?

I’m really interested in this, so if you have used an exercise desk before, please share how it works for you in the comments.

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