Hi fellow writers,

I’m Georgie Starmer, and I write words for the web. That sounds a little odd, right?

Whenever anyone asks me what I do for a living – I never know what to say. Being a freelancer puts your career in the ‘mystical’ arena for those who have regular jobs.

I have been a freelance writer since 2013, when all I had was a passion for writing but no knowledge of the industry. It was a struggle in the beginning. I took low paid jobs and was just grateful to have any work at all.

Then, things began to change. I shifted my approach and got better clients. I wrote for agricultural publications (an area I’ve always been keen on), eventually got a non-fiction book contract, and became a published author. I also run a natural lifestyle blog, Lets Grow Wild.

Writing for the web is something I enjoy doing, more so than writing books. This is because it’s quick, often fun, and you can earn a decent freelance wage if you are willing to work.

I’m still very much a working writer. I welcome queries from new people too, and happy to discuss how we might work together.

Web Writers Rock is a place where I help other writers by sharing what I have learned.

  • I coach wannabe writers in creating their own successful freelance writing businesses, through a selection of online courses and 1:1 support.

  • I help up-and-coming writers grow their businesses, and move to a higher income.

  • There is also practical advice and tips on being a freelance writer, such as business help and looking after well-being, on The Writer’s Blog.

Web Writers Rock is here to help you earn more from writing, ease the stress of running your own business and bring the work/life balance you want.

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Web Writer’s Rock!

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